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Our Story

 Here's a little bit of the story of One Church 



In the 1950s, following a move of God in Leicester, a group of mostly new believers gathered with a young leader called Alwyn Pearson and Faith Temple began. A few years later, after meeting in various venues in Leicester, the church was able to purchase a number of houses on Upper Tichborne Street in Highfields that became a place they could call home. Pastor Botham became the leader around 1957 changing the name to New Trinity Church. Brian and Marje Niblock came to lead in 1982 and the church changed its name to Trinity Life Church and the building was extensively renovated as the church grew.  


In 2007, David and Susan Hind came to lead and the church quickly moved to meet at Moat Community College. In 2013, TLC began its journey to becoming a Multi Site Church, meeting around Leicestershire.


TLC has had a history of Loving God and Loving people. It has carried a passion for mission, the poor and a heart for the wider church of Leicestershire. We are grateful for the 4 leaders during TLC's history, the hundreds of people who have made TLC their home and the prophetic prayers and promises that have been sown in the ground. We believe that there is a harvest coming.


In 2022, TLC joined with All Nations Church to become One Church.



On Sunday April 1st 1973, about ten people began to meet each Sunday together in an ordinary home in Birstall. They shared life and there was a hunger and thirst for what God was doing. Eventually, as more and more people gathered, it was time to find another place to meet.

The church moved and hired various buildings around the city, from schools to cinemas until they purchased a building (now known as the One Centre on Frog Island). The church then was known as Leicester Christian Fellowship, and this building was named “Hesed House”. The church later changed its name to All Nations Church Leicester.


ANC has had a history of a deep love of His presence and a longing to encounter him. A prophetic house of prayer and community. We are grateful for the leaders who have served the people over the last 50 years and the many people who have found home at ANC. We are also thankful for the prophetic prayers and promises that have been sown in the ground. We believe that there is a harvest coming.

In 2022, ANC joined with Trinity Life Church to become One Church.



In January 2021, All Nations Church (ANC) began to pray about what was next for them as a people. They eventually met with David and Susan Hind (Senior Leaders) and the Trinity Life Church (TLC) trustees about beginning a journey together.


During this time, God spoke to us all from Acts 28. ANC had been through a ‘shipwreck’ and TLC was the ‘island’ they landed on for a time. TLC were called to show ‘unusual kindness’ (Acts 28:1) and to help ANC get strong again. This six month journey of amazing love, honour and humbly walking together deeply impacted both churches, and we all became convinced that we were to sail on a new ship together.


The trustees and leaders of both churches believe that it was God's heart for our journey forward to be together as one church. We believed that this would join the rich heritage and legacy of both of our churches together for His Kingdom, for His Bride, for His purposes, and to be part of reaching Leicestershire and beyond for Jesus.


This was not a relationship of convenience, but a marriage of two local churches; choosing to serve one another, become One Church and in the process, to realise that every area is stronger as One. This was a joining together for multiplication, and we know that God has an amazing plan for Leicester and anticipate being a part of that. We expect extraordinary God-moments at every step of our journey together, and we remain convinced that the best is ahead.

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