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 In 2023/24, we are believing to strengthen 7 key areas 

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We had such a great time together on Vision Sunday.​

If you would still like to give to this year's Vision Offering, you can give a one-off gift or you can make a faith pledge to be redeemed over the next 12 months, or a combination.


Whichever way you choose to give, we are asking everybody to fill in a 'Giving Card' either in person or online. This is to help us keep track of everything given and pledged.

Fill in the online 'Giving Card' here.


1. Online - click here

2. Bank Transfer

One Church

Sort code - 40-28-06

Acc. No. - 74616529

3. Cheque - made payable to 'One Church'

4. Cash

If you need help with anything to do with the Vision Offering, email the finance team today -

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7 areas

This year's Vision Offering will go towards strengthening 7 key areas...

- Sites

      - it's time to plant again

- Open Hands

      - invest more in our compassion ministry

- Plans for No.12

      - looking at the possibilities

- City-wide impact

      - working more with other churches

- Buildings

      - continue to improve & maintain

- Mortgage

      - pay down our mortgage

- Reserves

      - increase our reserves



Celebrate the 2022 Vision Offering and all that God has done in the last 12 months & find out more about the plans for Strengthening by reading our 2023 'Vision' booklet. You can view an online copy here.


If you have any questions, we are here. Email

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